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GIAC Certifications: The Highest Standard in Cyber Security Certifications

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Nvidia geforce gtx installation guide 31 pages. Apple computer computer hardware user manual 12 pages. Page 5 Table of conTenTs Page 6: Introduction 3d. Note: it is important to register your product in order to receive online and phone support. Page 8: Unpacking Prior to unpacking your new nVidia geforce gTX Ti graphics card, it is important to make sure you meet all the system require- ments listed on page 2 for a smooth installation.

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Page 9 Vga monitor to the dVi connector or a dVi monitor to the Vga connector. Your computer may already have a graphics card installed in the Pci express slot. Page 12 HardWare insTall aTion remove any existing graphics card if there is one.

Attention: if your system has been running for a period of time prior to opening the panels, it is very important that you wait until the graphics card in your system has cooled before taking the card out of the system. Page 13 Pci express x16 slots. Page 14 6-pin Pci express auxiliary power connectors coming from the computer power supply to the connectors on the top edge of on the top edge of the geforce gTX Ti graphics card. Make sure to connect each 4-pin connector DVI connector for digital displays.

Page Driver Installation Power up your system. Note: it may take several minutes for the installation to take place. Your screen may go blank for a few seconds one or more times during installation. Page 18 Questions may only be submitted in english. The technical support line is accessible Page 19 driVer insTall aTion Page Configuring Sli You can enable sli by either clicking on the sli capable system bal- loon in the system tray or by going to the nVidia control Panel.

Page Configuring Hdmi Set Default. Your geforce graphics card s is now ready to use! Page 23 configuring HdMi Hardware Decode Acceleration: Provides ultra-smooth playback of H.

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Page 26 Ti gPu must be paired with another geforce gTX Ti gPu graphics card manufacturer can be different with the same frame buffer size.

Visit www. Page 27 feaTures Page 29 coMPliances Page 30 This publication supersedes and replaces all information previously supplied.

Cyber Security Certification: GPEN

Page 31 www.Posted on English Books. Sans sec pdf download. Kerem currently works as a. His areas of exper- tise include technical security assessments of IT infrastruc.

With comprehensive coverage of tools, techniques, and methodologies for network penetration testing, SEC truly prepares you to conduct high-value. We'll see how these exploits are packaged in frameworks like Metasploit and its mighty Meterpreter. You'll learn in-depth how to leverage Metasploit and the Meterpreter to compromise target environments. You'll also analyze the topic of anti-virus evasion to bypass the target organization's security measures, as well as methods for pivoting through target environments, all with a focus on determining the true business risk of the target organization.

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This course section zooms in on pillaging target environments and building formidable hands-on command line skills. We'll cover Windows command line skills in-depth, including PowerShell's awesome abilities for post-exploitation. Posted September 1, at 5: Posted November 26, at Our content is nothing short of brilliant in many ways.

I think this is engaging and eye-opening material. Thank you so much for caring about your content and your readers. What might otherwise be a manual trial and error process is automated.

It is widely acknowledged that people, who are the weakest link in security, have a. Some of the tools that was used were: nmap, cURL, and manual. Network defenders traditionally view the security landscape from inside the castle walls, but SEC took me around the 'fortress' and helped me better. SANS Developed to. SANS training.Unknown says:.

McAfee Application Control— Security Testing new enhancements take whitelisting beyond the common desktop environment and now give IT managers control over how a non-whitelisted application can be approved by delivering an innovative three level approval technology. Nice Article. Security Testing Service.

Leave a Reply. Security vulnerabilities, such as weak configurations, unpatched systems, and botched architectures, continue to plague organizations. Enterprises need people who can find these flaws in a professional manner to help eradicate them from our infrastructures. Lots of people claim to have penetration testing, ethical hacking, and security assessment skills, but precious few can apply these skills in a methodical regimen of professional testing to help make an organization more secure.

This class covers the ingredients for successful network penetration testing to help attendees improve their enterprise's security stance. Delicious Digg StumbleUpon. Unknown says: McAfee Application Control— Security Testing new enhancements take whitelisting beyond the common desktop environment and now give IT managers control over how a non-whitelisted application can be approved by delivering an innovative three level approval technology.

Unknown says: Nice Article. YouTube Subscribe. Tunisian blackhat team officiel Blog. Fourni par Blogger.Enjoy the SEC Network Pentest and Ethecal hacking Course As a cyber security professional, you have a unique responsibility to find and understand your organization's vulnerabilities, and to work diligently to mitigate them before the bad guys pounce.

Are you ready? This course starts with proper planning, scoping and recon, then dives deep into scanning, target exploitation, password attacks and wireless and web apps, with over 30 detailed hands-on labs throughout. Chock full of practical, real-world tips from some of the world's best penetration testers, SEC prepares you to perform detailed reconnaissance by examining a target's infrastructure and mining blogs, search engines, social networking sites and other Internet and intranet infrastructure.

You will be equipped to scan target networks using best-of-breed tools. We will not just cover run-of-the-mill options and configurations, we will also go over the less-known but highly useful capabilities of the best pen test toolsets available today. After scanning, you will learn dozens of methods for exploiting target systems to gain access and measure real business risk, then examine post-exploitation, password attacks, wireless and web apps, pivoting through the target environment to model the attacks of real-world bad guys.

You will bring comprehensive penetration testing and ethical hacking know-how back to your organization. After building your skills in challenging labs over five days, the course culminates with a full-day, real-world network penetration test scenario. You will conduct an end-to-end penetration test, applying the knowledge, tools and principles from throughout the course as you discover and exploit vulnerabilities in a realistic sample target organization.

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sans 560 pdf

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July in GIAC. But it occurred to me that such a list could grow to be quite large, and that topic really should have its own sticky. For saving me the time, you will have my undying gratitude.

Forum Admin at www. July Let's get this started! August For the G I used the following study material all of which I found viable for the exam. Degrees: M. Information Security and Assurance B. Electronic Systems Technology.

SephStorm Member Posts: 1, October Any recommendations for the GSEC? I wish I could recommend a small set of books and other resources specifically for the GSEC, but since the coverage is so vast even at a basic level it's hard to pin it down to a few. Since it's often compared to the CISSP, one might assume that one of the CISSP books would be a good start, but I wouldn't necessarily say so although it certainly doesn't hurt and provides good foundations.

Make a list of the differences between what the coverage from that and the GSEC is and go from there. November December How current are these sources?

I mean Tao is fromNSB is from Is it still worth it to buy them? January Hi am planning to take GCFW cert, I read about the links that were mentioned below will that suffice or anything else is required to get through the exam. Please help me in this regard.

April May That gives me great idea!

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I'll update this post with links to those articles. That would be awesome JD!!! S Information Technology Telecommunications A. S Network Server Administration M.Thread Modes. Reputation: 1. Hi everyone, first post on this forum. Nice to meet you all. A friend from another forum, certcollection. I'm currently hosting GB of training material from my account and this would make a nice contribution to everyone.

I'm happily hosting everyone's stuff and reposting in case DMCA wants to spoil our fun. Hysteresis Junior Member. Reputation: 6.

I find this post a great addition for anyone. Insider Enemy of the state. Reputation: Once I get a new place with internet and stuff I'll try to make a torrent out of it :p I have it all saved offline.

Edit: Nice share! Also I'll keep an eye out for the python ebook, you might find it in my python ebook thread. I've have it uploaded on Tor.

I've linked to the exact material I'm looking for below. Thanks for your interest! Also, really happy to hear about the Torrent. I'm looking forward to it.

sans 560 pdf

Sharing is great! O'Connor's critically-praised book that shows readers how to forge their own weapons using the Python programming language. MP3 audio files of the complete course lecture. Anyone uploading this course is amazing. Thanks everyone. Reputation: 0. Hats Off for your share mate. Will be downloading and seeding soon.

sans 560 pdf

Ghostbusters Junior Member.The SANS Security Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking course addresses in-depth methods used by professional penetration testers, ethical hackers, and Red Teamers to find and exploit flaws in a target environment to help better understand and manage business risk. Although both courses deal with computer attacks, there are significant differences between them. The purpose of this brief FAQ is to answer questions regarding the differences between the two courses.

SANS Security deals with penetration testing and ethical hacking, in depth, covering numerous techniques for finding and exploiting flaws in a target environment using a consistent, high-quality testing regimen. SANS Security focuses on incident handling, addressing practical methods for preparing for detecting and responding to computer attacks.

Post your SANS/GIAC study material recommendations here

In short, covers penetration testing and ethical hacking, while addresses incident handling. Not at all. We cover a variety of different tools in each class. Even when both classes cover the same topic or tool, they cover it from a completely different perspective. Inwe talk about how these attacks work, emphasizing how to defend against them, and addressing how incident handlers can detect and respond to their use. Inwe go deeper, talking about how to use each and every tool, with detailed, hands-on exercises that cover some of the features that incident handlers don't really need to know about but pen testers will likely use quite often.

Incident handlers and penetration testers both need hands-on experience. However, the idea is that incident handlers need to know what the attacks are from a broad perspective so that they can detect and respond to them in their environment.

But, incident handlers don't need to know how to launch every one of the attacks we cover, just some of the most important ones. Penetration testers, on the other hand, need to be able to use every tool we analyze, not just recognize its use against their environments.

From a bottom-line perspective, is more broad because incident handlers need to know about a lot of attack vectors that are typically not allowed for penetration testers by the rules of engagement.

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For example, incident handlers need to understand how to respond to bots and rootkits. But, the vast majority of penetration testers are prohibited from installing bots or rootkits on target machines.

GPEN - GIAC Penetration Tester Exam Questions

In the end, focuses more deeply on the attacks, because penetration testers need hands-on experience with each tool, while is more broad and covers detection and incident handling, because incident handlers need to focus on recognizing each tool's use in their environments. SEC is a vital course, which we will continue to update and offer, supporting people in their careers as incident handlers. In fact, many people take and then go on to take Others even take first and then go to If you are more interested in incident handling, is the course for you.

If you need to develop your penetration testing skills, start with Neither course is a pre-requisite for the other. Ed Skoudis, SANS Institute Fellow, specifically developed SANS Security to fill a void in really high-quality classes that provide people with hands-on, real-world network penetration testing and ethical hacking skills, organized around the work flow of professional pen testers.

This SANS course differs from other penetration testing and ethical hacking courses offered by other organizations in several important ways:. It is clear that a great deal of time is spent in creating and maintaining these courses.

sans 560 pdf

Content is well presented, relevant and accurate. Delivery is meaningful and energetic. SANS has expanded our online offerings and created Instructo [ We know that engaging with other students is a valuable part [ Learn in bitesize chunks, day or night!

Train at your own p [ Best training ever! Secure Login. Take Metasploit and Password Attacks as Examples Inwe talk about how these attacks work, emphasizing how to defend against them, and addressing how incident handlers can detect and respond to their use.